Weekly Tip on Clinical Trials Tip #3

Does history repeat itself? if you have already planned and conducted a clinical trial, you have probably formed an opinion on the investigators, sites and even countries you worked with. Some of them were probably very successful in recruitment, overall communication, adherence to the protocol and study approval process. But some were probable less so. […]

Weekly Tip on Clinical Trials Tip #2

After last week’s tip on site selection (location, location, location!), this week is still concerned with the design of clinical trials – or why numbers can sometimes lie. How many times have you heard of an investigator that committed to a certain number of subjects but has not been successful in meeting the recruitment goal […]

Weekly Tip on Clinical Trials Tip #1

Many of you are now planning your first ever clinical trial. Congrats! you are probably seeking a KOL as a lead investigator, or a high profile medical center. but will this truly be beneficial to you? Consider this – – In remote or rural areas there are often close patient-physician relationships, where they know and […]